Monday, 5 November 2012

Kisses for Lula by Samantha Mackintosh

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Pages: 360
Publisher: Egmont
Released: 4th of June 2010

Lula Bird is gorgeous, funny and dreading her birthday because you can't turn 16 if you've never been kissed . . . so why does every boy in Hambledon run a mile the second she bats her eyelids? The fact is, they fear for their lives. Rumour has it Lula's been jinxed! And it's not as if that's her only problem: Lula thinks she has a stalker, her dad keeps sneaking out at night with a lady's handbag, and a mysterious theft is threatening to bring the town to its knees. . . . With only 5 days to go till her birthday, can Lula get the guy, solve the crime and jilt the jinx for good?

What I Have To Say

This book was so realistic. It captured the mind of a teenage girl perfectly and showed really accurately how small things such as never having kissed can become massive and world-altering when you're 15/16.

It also shows the way that the brain freezes when you like someone. How when you're trying to talk to someone and come across as witty and attractive, your brain refuses to co-operate and all that comes out is a mess of verbal vomit.

It was just such a funny book. The character of Lula was so well written and had such a great personality.

This is another one I recommend for a comfort or holiday read.

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