Monday, 11 August 2014

Confessions by Kanae Minato

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 240
Publisher: Mulholland Books
Released: 14th of August 2014

Her pupils killed her daughter. Now, she will have her revenge.

After an engagement that ended in tragedy, all Yuko Moriguchi had to live for was her four-year-old child, Manami. Now, after a heartbreaking accident on the grounds of the middle school where she teaches, Yuko has given up and tendered her resignation.

But first, she has one last lecture to deliver. She tells a story that will upend everything her students ever thought they knew about two of their peers, and sets in motion a maniacal plot for revenge.

What I Have To Say

This was another really dark book. I really loved the ending. It tied up really well and was just so manipulative. It also was cool to read a book where there was only really Mizuki who was anything close to a good person and even she had a bit of a dark side.

The thing I liked the best though was the different styles of writing used. The first two chapters were my favourite, the teacher's parting speech and Mizuki's letter. Though I also liked Shuya's letter/ blog post. Their voice were just very interesting.

This is a story of messed up characters. Of revenge and the dark side of human nature. It delves deep into the Japanese concepts of ijime (bullying) and hikikomori (a person who  shuts themselves away from life/ the world) . It's not a story for the faint-hearted but definitely an interesting look into the human condition. 

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