Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Map To Everywhere by Carrie Ryan and John Parke Davis

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 448
Publisher: Orion Books
Released: 4th of November 2014

'It is said the Bintheyr Map to Everywhere will take its possessor wherever he or she needs to go...'

Master thief, Fin, is unusual - when he's out of sight, everyone forgets he exists! He needs to find his mother - the one person who might remember him.

Schoolgirl, Marrill, boards a pirate ship in a car park and is carried off to another world. She needs to find her way home.

Fin and Marrill are on a wild adventure to find the Map to Everywhere, but can they escape the Oracle - a dark and powerful wizard who seeks the map to fulfil a terrifying prophecy?

What I Have To Say 

I always forget how much I love this kind of quirky middle grade fantasy adventure book until I read one of them. The Map to Everywhere was perfect. It had good ideas, a wonderful world and characters completed with a sense of fun that makes this kind of book such a wonderful experience to read. 

Fin was really interesting. I've never considered before how it would be to read about a character who was forgettable and how it would work with the other characters, but they pulled it off really well. He was a really lovable characters and I loved how he worked within the dynamics of the crew, having characters turn to him every so often and ask who he is. 

The Pirate Stream was inspired. It gave the possibility for so many different types of setting and gave a lot of potential to the story. Though I think that the kraken attack was defeated too quickly, there were so many different dangers that the stream brought to the story which made it exciting to read. 

I really hope there are more books about the Pirate Stream because I loved this book every second I was reading it. 

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