Monday, 25 May 2015

The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 419 
Publisher: Tinder Press
Released: 9th of April 2015

On the same day that retired police inspector Auguste Jovert receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his daughter, he returns to his Paris apartment to find a stranger waiting for him.

That stranger is a Japanese professor called Tadashi Omura. What's brought him to Jovert's doorstep is not clear, but then he begins to tell his story - a story of a fractured friendship, lost lovers, orphaned children, and a body left bleeding in the snow.

As Jovert pieces together the puzzle of Omura's life, he can't help but draw parallels with his own; for he too has lead a life that's been extraordinary and dangerous - and based upon a lie. 

What I Have to Say 

I think this book was a little too literary before. I felt there was a lot of unnecessary parts of it. And I feel that the scene with the ice at the start was a little annoying because there was never really a revelation to it. 

I felt that Jovert's character was just unnecessary, I liked some of the scenes with him in, but I honestly think it would have been a better book without him in it. He didn't really add much to the story and I was more interested in Omura's story. Jovert's parts were mostly just filler until we got back to Omura. 

But the writing was beautiful and when I was reading Omura's parts, I was completely enthralled. I loved the mystery of it all, the retrospection and sad feel of it. And I enjoyed the twists at the end, although there was one (which I won't spoil) which was a bit creepy. The twist about Omura's identity was really good and only slightly expected though. 

I probably won't read any more from the author, but I enjoyed this book. 

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