Monday, 22 February 2016

Red Witch by Anna McKerrow

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Pages: 416
Publisher: Quercus Children's Books 
Released: 10th of March 2016 

Seventeen, heartbroken, powerful; Melz has run away from home, run away from the safety of the Greenworld. In the cities of the Redworld, Melz discovers she's special, desired. And not just for her magical talents. When Melz meets the young but influential Bran, their attraction is instant and electric. In the Redworld, with Bran by her side, unrestrained by the customs of her former life, Melz knows she can reach her true potential. But the world Bran wants to give Melz is ravaged by war and violence. Oil is running out, and people will do anything to gain control of the remaining resources. Melz may be more powerful than ever, but even great power can be a curse when used against you. 

What I Have to Say 

This is another sequel that I think was even better than the first book, even though the first was fantastic. I continue to love the worlds that McKerrow has created, both the already established Greenworld and the way we got to see our first real taste of the cities of the Redworld. 

I think one of the best things about the book was the contrasts that McKerrow was constantly making. The obvious contrasts were between the Redworld and the Greenworld and between the Greenworld's female deity and the strong male god of the Redworld, but also the comparisons made between the Goddess's of the Greenworld and tales of Proserpina. 

I think the best thing about this series is how flawed the Greenworld is. It would have been very easy for McKerrow to show the Greenworld as a Utopia of Paganism and the Redworld as the fuel-chugging darkness of everything that's wrong with society, but she's made sure to show the good side of the Redworld and the slight racism and prejudice of the Greenworld, as well. 

I really like the direction she is going with the Greenworld, trying to find balance with both the female and male aspects of their gods and the paralleling balance that I think they will have to find between the two worlds. I can't wait for the next book! 

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