Monday, 20 June 2016

Nightfall by Jake Halpern and Peter Kujawinski

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 346 
Publisher: Hot Key Books 
Released: 1st of May 2016 

After fourteen years of Day comes fourteen years of Night. Be sure not to get left in the dark.

On Marin's island, sunrise doesn't come every twenty-four hours - it comes every twenty-eight years. Now the sun is just a sliver of light on the horizon. The weather is turning cold. The shadows are growing long. The dark is rising. And soon it will be Night.

The eerie Evening sunset is causing the tide to begin its slow roll out hundreds of miles, and so Marin, along with her twin brother Kana and the rest of the islanders, must frantically begin preparations to sail south, where they will wait out the long Night. But first the house must be made ready for their departure. Locks must be taken off doors. Furniture must be arranged just so. Tables must be set as if for dinner. The rituals are bizzare - unnerving, even - but none of the adults will discuss why things must be this way. And then just as the ships are about to sail, the twins' friend Line goes missing. Marin and Kana know where he has gone, and that the only way to rescue him is to do it themselves. And surely the ships will wait?

Because Night is falling. Their island is changing. And something is stirring in the dark.

What I Have to Say 

Nightfall was the kind of book I looked forward to going back to. Every time I got a chance to read it was a massive pleasure to sink back between it's pages. Most of it was because of the idea behind the story. The idea of a world where night happens every fourteen years was so intriguing. I wanted to know everything about it and although, naturally it would take a much longer book to answer every question I had, the book gave away enough information to satisfy me. 

Throughout the start of Nightfall, one of the main characters, Marin, brings up another question to be answered. Every fourteen years when the people leave their homes, fleeing the night, they do rituals to ensure their homes are just right. Homes that the first settlers of the island found already their, perfect for their needs. The mystery of who built these houses and why things have to be left in a certain condition made me even more desperate to read on and enjoy the thrilling answers. 

The whole of Nightfall is constructed around these mysteries, the questions that the reader has right from reading the description. It makes it an interesting and well thought out read and brings the reader on an adventure that I think most people will enjoy. 

I hope there is  a sequel as there's so much of this world that I still want to find out about. 

My thanks go to Hot Key Books for providing me with this copy for review. 

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