Monday, 17 October 2016

The Maskmaker's Daughter by Holly Webb

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 132
Publisher: Orchard Books 
Released: 6th of October 2016 

Colette lives with her mother, making beautiful dresses for the rich women of Venice. She's never known her father, and her mother won't speak of him - but Colette's embroidery moves and dances, and she's sure that there's magic in her blood ...

And then Colette discovers the truth: her father is a famous maskmaker and a powerful magician. But when he's ordered to create a mask that will bend others to its will, the magic becomes too strong for him to resist. Can Colette, with the help of a talking alley cat called Max, save him?

What I Have to Say 

I had no idea this was the third in a series until about three seconds ago, so if you want to start this series, don't worry about just diving straight in. And I think you should try this series. Anyone who likes interesting settings and magic. I can't say about the other books in the series, but this one was a beautiful. 

I think part of it is how much I like Venice as a setting. It's such a magically city to begin with and adding in magic too that, especially something as interesting as moving embroidery is a brilliant way to making it feel even more, well magical. It was made a truly beautiful world. 

The characters were really interesting as well. I liked Colette and the way she was so ready to run away and make a new life for herself. And Max. Who couldn't like Max? 

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