Monday, 20 March 2017

The Pavee and the Buffer Girl

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 112
Publisher: The Bucket List 
Released: 2nd of March 2017 

Jim and his family have halted by Dundray and the education people have been round mouthing the law. In school the Traveller kids suffer at the hands of teachers and other pupils alike, called 'tinker-stinkers', 'dirty gyps' and worse. Then the punches start. The only friendly face is Kit, a settled girl who takes Jim under her wing and teaches him to read in the great cathedral chamber of the cave below the town. With Kit and the reading, Jim seems to have found a way to exist in Dundray, but everyday prejudice and a shocking act of violence see his life uprooted

What I Have to Say 

This is a very important story about the treatment of travelers and way that friendship and romance can make just one boys life just a tiny bit better, even if only for a short while. 

The story was simple. Though the changes between scenes were sometimes a bit a sudden, so it was a little abrupt, I found it interesting. There was a lot of slurs and violence against the travelers, which was to be expected, but did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. The fact that they're treated so badly is something we don't think about. I don't know how it is these days, I hope it's at least a bit better, but I feel it's probably only a little improved. 

The illustrations by Emma Shoard were well done and very effective. They sorted the story really well, but they're not the sort of artwork I particularly like. She really captured the scenes well though, so they were good to see. 

This story is well worth reading, though it is quite hard hitting. 

My thanks go to Nina Douglas and The Bucket List for providing me with this copy for review. 

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