Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Introduction Post

Hey, my name is Lily and I like books. Because of this, I decided that I would create a blog dedicated to the books that I think are so brilliant that I want to tell everyone to read them.

That's what this blog will mainly be about. What I recommend. I may do the occasional review but that's not the main point of this blog. This means that I won't be sticking to any sort of schedule. When I read a book that I really like then I'll write a blog about it, but if I go months and months without reading a book that I don't think is worth recommending  then I'm not going to apologise for not writing a blog about it.

I'm doing things this way because I don't want to sit down week after week and struggle to find a good thing about a book I hated or to find a  bad thing to say about one I absolutely loved. I also read a lot of books and I don't have time to review every single one. So this is my way of selecting the ones that I want to share. I'm also sure that you don't want to waste your time reading a lot of blog posts that are about books that I liked, but not enough to recommend.

For the next few posts, I'm going to catch you up with the books that I read before making this blog and which I can't bear to miss out on writing about or you to miss out on reading.


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