Monday, 21 May 2012

Katana by Cole Gibson

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Pages: 375
Publisher: Flux
Published on: 8th of March 2012

 Rileigh Martin would love to believe that adrenaline had given her the uncanny courage and strength to fend off three muggers. But it doesn't explain her dreams of 15th-century Japan, the incredible fighting skills she suddenly possesses, or the strange voice giving her battle tips and danger warnings.

While worrying that she's going crazy (always a reputation ruiner), Rileigh gets a visit from Kim, a handsome martial arts instructor, who tells Rileigh she's harboring the spirit of a five-hundred-year-old samurai warrior.

Relentlessly attacked by ninjas, Rileigh has no choice but to master the katana—a deadly Japanese sword that's also the key to her past. As the spirit grows stronger and her feelings for Kim intensify, Rileigh is torn between continuing as the girl she's always been and embracing the warrior inside her.

 What I Have to Say

I was really surprised by this book! I was expecting it to be enjoyable, but I thought that, as I know quite a bit about Japan, I would be bugged by a lot of inaccuracies! But there are only a few and the story more than makes up for it (and it's pretty funny to imagine samurai warriors tripping over her kimono. Anyone who's tried to wear one will appreciate how hard it is to run in them, let along fight! :P).

Also, I was really impressed that they used the Japanese nunchyaku rather than the Korean nunchuck. But I won't bore you with random Japanese knowledge :P 

Rileigh was a really cool character. It was easy to imagine her as both the high school skater chick and the fierce samurai warrior.  

Anyway if you have any interest in the samurai or martial arts in general, I recommend this book. Really enjoyable story.

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