Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Think Twice Sarah Mlynowski

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 275
Publisher: Orchard Books
Released: 7th of April 2016
Other Books in the Series: Don't Even Think About It

What's worse than having telepathy in high school? Having telepathy in high school, and then losing it. When class 10B got their flu shots and developed the unexpected side effect of telepathy, it seemed like the worse thing ever. But two years later, they've got used to their powers. They've even come to like them. And as they prepare to leave school, they're all making exciting plans - plans that involve them being Espies. So when one by one they suddenly begin to lose their powers, they know they can't let it happen. Can they save their telepathy before it's too late? Or will they have to learn how to survive without them once again? 

What I Have to Say 

This was the perfect sequel to a truly fantastic book. I wasn't sure it would live up to the first one, or if having a sequel was even a good thing for this particular book, which worked so well as a stand alone, but this was a brilliant way to round off the story and add a little extra without detracting from the original story. 

I like the emotion that was in this book. You could really feel the fear that the espies had over loosing their powers as they fought to try and change them. 

Most of what I like about these books though is how real the characters feel. Even though a few of them are stereotypes, it gives a realistic view of how teenagers would adjust to getting telepathic powers. They don't go out fighting crime or defeating monsters, they use them to gossip with each other so people don't see or go on reality television. 

I love these two books so much. 

My thanks go to Netgalley and Orchard Books for providing me with this copy for review. 

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