Monday, 22 August 2016

Inbetween Days by Vikki Wakefield

Synopsis (From Goodreads

Pages: 352 
Publisher: Simon and Schuster 
Released: 30th of August 2016 

At seventeen, Jacklin Bates is all grown up. She’s dropped out of school. She’s living with her runaway sister, Trudy, and she’s in secret, obsessive love with Luke, who doesn’t love her back. She’s stuck in Mobius—a dying town with the macabre suicide forest its only attraction—stuck working in the roadhouse and babysitting her boss’s demented father.

A stranger sets up camp in the forest and the boy next door returns; Jack’s father moves into the shed and her mother steps up her campaign to punish Jack for leaving, too. Trudy’s brilliant façade is cracking and Jack’s only friend, Astrid, has done something unforgivable.

Jack is losing everything, including her mind. As she struggles to hold onto the life she thought she wanted, Jack learns that growing up is complicated—and love might be the biggest mystery of all.

What I Have to Say 

I'm not going to hold anything back. I was bored through most of this book. It's just not the kind of story I'm interested in. It doesn't have to all be action and adventure, but a lot of this book, nothing really happened. There was so much set up that we were really far through the book before a lot of the stuff that's referenced in the blurb even happen. 

Looking as this book purely as art, I can see how it kind of resembles the pace of the small town that Jack lives in and the way that the days blur together with not much happening when you are a new adult who's just making your way in the world, be that at 16, 18 or older. The title Inbetween Days even reflects that. So I think that the thing that put me off the book could be a real draw for someone who likes that kind of thing. 

It just wasn't my kind of book. 

My thanks go to the FMCM for providing me with this copy to review. 

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