Saturday, 12 January 2019

Nowhere On Earth by Nick Lake

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Publisher: Hodder's Children's Books 
Released: 10th of January 2019 

It starts with a plane crash.

There are survivors: a teenage girl and her little brother. They are running from something. But what?

Then the men arrive. They are hunting the girl and boy. And-

And that's all we can tell you ...

What I Have to Say 

Beautiful, unique and with so much heart beneath it all. These are all words I'm coming to relate to Nick Lake's writing. I didn't get along well with the first couple of his books that I tried to read, but Satellite and Nowhere on Earth have been so beautiful and spell-binding. I love his characters and the messages of hope and love that are at the central to his writing, especially with Nowhere on Earth. 

Emily and Aidan were beautiful characters. Emily with her love for Aidan and how much she cared of him, which despite being part of an alien defence mechanism to help Aidan survive, felt so real and beautiful. And Aidan. His love for Emily. The way he's so amazed by the beauty of earth and is apologetic and sad about the way his presence has affected the humans, because he can't help his defense mechanism kicking in and pushing them to look after her. 

The key themes of this novel are definitely empathy and love. It's shown everywhere. The message of how we as humanity view things as threats instantly without asking questions is very much an important reflection of our society and resonated deeply within me. 

Filled with Lake's unique, well thought out concepts of how things might really work in space and with alien life, this book felt as realistic as Satellite. I want everyone to read it. 

My thanks go to Netgalley and Hodder for providing me with this copy for review. 

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