Monday, 16 January 2012

Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton

Synopsis (from the Waterstones Website)

There is a fire and they are in There. They are in there ...Black smoke stains a summer blue sky. A school is on fire. And one mother, Grace, sees the smoke and runs. She knows her teenage daughter Jenny is inside. She runs into the burning building to rescue her. Afterwards, Grace must find the identity of the arsonist and protect her family from the person who's still intent on destroying them. Afterwards, she must fight the limits of her physical strength and discover the limitlessness of love.

What I Have to Say 

My mum recommends me a lot of books. She the one who told me to read Sister by the same author, which I still haven't read >< sorry mum! But I do know now that it's one to look forward to reading.

With Afterwards, she brought me a copy and didn't let up until I read it. I'm really glad she did because I really loved it. So now I'm doing the same to you and if I could I'd buy you all a copy and bug you until you've read it. Alas I'm a poor uni student and can't afford it.

It's got that need to read thing going for it, which I think is really good in a book because it means you care about the characters. Also, it's a really cool idea. It's sort of supernatural, but at the same time it isn't.

Anyway, trust me. It's a brilliant story. Go read it! Yes, right now! I'm watching you >.>


  1. I love this book. One of the few books that I wanted to read through again as soon as I finished it. It was also unique for me in having a plot that I was completely engaged with but also I wanted to slow down and enjoy the writing as well. I agree, not to be missed.

  2. I don't read adult novels very often, but this sounds brilliant.

  3. Hiya!
    I just finished Afterwards a few days ago and I absolutely loved it. You should read Sister, I found it even better!

    1. Hi!
      I have sister in my To Read Pile but it's a big pile xD But yes! I shall read it! One day :)