Monday, 9 January 2012

Looking For Alaska by John Green


I'm not going to post a synopsis with this book for reasons that I go into in more depth in my review. To give the book a decent synopsis would be to spoil the plot and to give anything less would be a gross understatement of the book.

What I have to Say
As I just said, ignore any summary of this book. It's impossible to give it credit without spoiling the story. The reason is that there's an important event that happens towards the middle of the book and the plot centres around it. So just trust me there is much much more to the book than it appears to be from the blurb.

This book is fast paced, intreging and gives the reader the kind of urgency to read that stops them from doing anything else until they find out what happened. I think I read it in about 4 hours because it was too good to put it down. Luckily it's short enough that even a slow reader shouldn't find it too hard to read it in a day. So clear out a day when you can just do nothing but read.

What I'm really trying to say is read this. It's such a wonderful novel with just enough mystery to keep you guessing.

Plus it's John Green! He's made of awesome.

For anyone interested in more by John Green, his new book The Fault in our Stars comes out tomorrow!!! *iswaytooexcitedconsideringshehasimportantunistufftodo*


  1. Really enjoyed this book. John Green is so made of awesome. It's definately a good book to recommend to someone. :)