Monday, 15 September 2014

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

Pages: 392
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Released: 7th of October 2014

Britt Pfeiffer has trained to backpack the Teton Range, but she isn't prepared when her ex-boyfriend, who still haunts her every thought, wants to join her. Before Britt can explore her feelings for Calvin, an unexpected blizzard forces her to seek shelter in a remote cabin, accepting the hospitality of its two very handsome occupants—but these men are fugitives, and they take her hostage.

In exchange for her life, Britt agrees to guide the men off the mountain. As they set off, Britt knows she must stay alive long enough for Calvin to find her. The task is made even more complicated when Britt finds chilling evidence of a series of murders that have taken place there... and in uncovering this, she may become the killer’s next target.

But nothing is as it seems in the mountains, and everyone is keeping secrets, including Mason, one of her kidnappers. His kindness is confusing Britt. Is he an enemy? Or an ally?

What I Have To Say

I know there has been a lot of negative talk about this book. I seem to be one of the only few who actually liked it. So I'm going to start this review with a paragraph of just my opinions as I'm easily swayed by other people. Then I'm going to look at the reviews on Goodreads and write some more paragraphs on what I think after the flaws have been pointed out. 

I really liked the tension in this book. I felt that there were cliffhangers in the right pages and it kept me reading even when I should have been sleeping, which everyone knows is the sign of a good book. The romance was a little.... Stockholm Syndrome-y? And that was a little weird... But I could see the connection between them and I've honestly read worse books. I quite liked Britt as well. Her friend was completely incapable, but I felt Britt had a good head on her shoulders (unless it came to creepy guys who may or may not have killed people....). 

After reading some reviews, I feel that most people are hating on Britt because she is naive, immature and spoilt. I agree on the spoilt. But other than that... I just... She is a teenager. I have to say that most teenagers are at least a little bit naive and immature. I know I was at that age and it's true that there are exceptions, but word immature... it basically means that you need time to mature. Teenage hood is the time in which you mature... So obviously books about teenagers are going to have some immature characters. I think that the whole thing about Black Ice is that Britt is matured by her journey, by the danger she faces and how she handles it. The thing with Jude being an exception, which I'm just not going to go into, I feel that the Britt we see at the end of the novel is a much more mature and self-reliant Britt, who admits her failings and tries to improve on them. I feel that people are complaining about something which is the entire point of the novel. 

Also Britt's friendship. Yes, it's terrible. Yes, Korbie is a real bitch. Yes, the friendship isn't good. But it's something that can happen in real life. I have actually had friends like that. Do friendships in books really have to be good? 

I'm sure that people will disagree with me, but these are my opinions. I'm not meaning to attack teenagers, I'm just saying that SOME teenagers are like this. 

3.5 Stars

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