Thursday, 6 August 2015

Millie vs the Machines by Kiera O'Brien

Synopsis (from Goodreads

My thanks go to Quercus for providing me with this review copy.

Pages: 320
Publisher: Quercus
Released: 6th of August 2015

Within the confines of Oaktree boarding school, Millie Hendrick and her friends are privileged kids in a future world, where robots are hired help for everyone.

But Millie has never trusted the Units. They're just... creepy.

When pupils start disappearing, and no one else shares her increasing terror, how can Millie find out whether she is the only person who can see the truth, or is simply going crazy?

Who can be trusted - and who will be next?

What I Have to Say 

This book was amazing. As I was starting to read it, I was worried that it was a bit predictable, but the unreliability of Millie's mind made it so that you're never sure whether to believe in Millie or everyone else. It creates this whole psychological feel where you're constantly questioning everything and looking for clues as to what's real and what isn't. 

The thing that I really liked about the book, right from the start was the setting. I love a boarding school book to begin with, add in awesome technology and androids and you get something even more special. It's obvious from reading how much work Kiera O'Brien has put into this inventive and immersive world. 

And the ending! It's the kind of book that leaves you with the feeling that you've just read the most amazing book (which a lot of the time you have) and makes you incredibly excited for where the author is going to go next. 

The problem with this book? The next one isn't out until March!! 

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  1. I know this is the most amazing book and the ending......