Monday, 7 March 2016

The Number One Rule for Girls by Rachel McIntyre

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 309 
Publisher: Egmont UK 
Released: 25th of February 2016 

Daisy knows a thing or two about love and romance. She’s surrounded by it – in fact, there’s no escape! Not only are her parents childhood sweethearts turned soulmates, they also run the very successful wedding agency 'Something Borrowed', helping couples to tie the knot in whatever frilly, quirky, tasteful, outrageous way they choose. So it's no surprise that Daisy has a pretty clear vision of how her life with boyfriend Matt is going to pan out.

There’s one major flaw in this plan – Matt and Daisy have split up! Determined not to brood, Daisy sets out to re-invent her life and her dreams. And that’s when Toby enters the scene, who appears to be perfect, but is turning all the Rules upside 

What I Have to Say 

Contains spoilers, trigger warning for abusive relationships 

The most important rule in this book "It's better to be single than to date a twat.", is something that I think we should all live by, but I love the way that this book tips the ideas of who is abusive and who just seems to be on it's head. We all want to think that we could spot an abusive person a mile off, but there are stereotypes that we're all guilty of. We want to assume that the abusive person will be a big tough looking bouncer with tattoos, but the fact is, sometimes it's the pretty heartthrob. 

What struck me with this book, which I don't remembering much of in Me and Mr J, was how funny and easy to like the narrator, Daisy was. There were a few times when I laughed out loud at this book and I loved Daisy's personality. She was easy to read and I fell comfortably into the book from very early on. The wedding business that her parents ran and where Daisy helped out multiple times during the book, just made it for me. It was the perfect touch to the book making for an entertaining subplot as well as giving a few nice contributions to the main plot. 

This book is a must read for feminists and a fantastic look at abuse and misconceptions. 

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