Thursday, 21 April 2016

Map of Bones by Francesca Haig

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 416
Publisher: Gallery Books
Released: 3rd of March 2016 
Other Books in the Series: The Fire Sermon

Four hundred years in the future, the Earth has turned primitive following a nuclear fire that has laid waste to civilization and nature. Though the radiation fallout has ended, for some unknowable reason every person is born with a twin. Of each pair, one is an Alpha—physically perfect in every way; and the other an Omega—burdened with deformity, small or large. With the Council ruling an apartheid-like society, Omegas are branded and ostracized while the Alphas have gathered the world’s sparse resources for themselves. Though proclaiming their superiority, for all their effort, Alphas cannot escape one harsh fact: whenever one twin dies, so does the other.

Cass is a rare Omega, one burdened with psychic foresight. While her twin, Zach, gains power on the Alpha Council, she dares to dream the most dangerous dream of all: equality. For daring to envision a world in which Alphas and Omegas live side-by-side as equals, both the Council and the Resistance have her in their sights.

What I Have to Say 

This series is developing in such an interesting way. I've always loved a good government conspiracy in a book, but this is bringing it to a whole new level. 

I really like the way that they're using Cass's psychic powers. I like the threat of madness that hangs over everything, especially when she meets with other psychics. It's interesting how some of the most seemingly innocent ramblings of certain characters are ignored even though they're the most important things of all. I think I'd like to see more of Cass falling apart in the next book. 
Even though I enjoyed reading this book, I did find it a big contrast to the first book. The first book is so set on the journey to the island and the subsequent events that the lack of that goal and focus on smaller goals felt a little bit of a let down. 

I don't think this effected my overall enjoyment of the book though. I think I was actually enjoyed this one a lot more than the first because I was so interested in the developments that were made. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book. 

My thanks go to Netgalley and Gallery Books for providing me with this copy for review. 

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