Friday, 6 January 2017

The Last Beginning (and thoughts on The Next Together) by Lauren James

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 352
Publisher: Walker Books 
Released: 6th of October 2016 

Sixteen years ago, after a scandal that rocked the world, teenagers Katherine and Matthew vanished without a trace. Now Clove Sutcliffe is determined to find her long lost relatives. But where do you start looking for a couple who seem to have been reincarnated at every key moment in history? Who were Kate and Matt? Why were they born again and again? And who is the mysterious Ella, who keeps appearing at every turn in Clove's investigation? 

For Clove, there is a mystery to solve in the past and a love to find in the future.

What I Have to Say 

When I first read The Next Together, I thought it was amazing.  But talking about it with my friends after, I found many of them found it a little too romance orientated. For those who dislike romance, the sci fi factor is not strong enough to keep them interested in the book. The solution to this? The Last Beginning. 

The Last Beginning is, in  my opinion, the actual story. It's beautiful and perfect and has exactly the right balance of sci fi and romance. It has a great sense of mystery and Ella is the most perfect character ever. I feel that The Next Together would work much better as a prequel, something to read that adds to the story but doesn't stand as well on it's own. 

The beauty of these two books is that you can read them in either order and they still make perfect sense. In my opinion, this book would be best read first, especially if you don't like books centered too much on romance. 

Reading this one second, will just make you want to read the first one again anyway. 


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