Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 21 and Homecoming by Kass Morgan

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 320
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Released: 25th of September 2014
Other Books in the Series: The 100,

It's been 21 days since The 100 landed on Earth. They're the only humans to set foot on the planet in centuries... or so they thought. Facing an unknown enemy, Wells attempts to keep the group together. Clarke strikes out for Mount Weather, in search of other Colonists, while Bellamy is determined to rescue his sister, no matter the cost. And back on the ship, Glass faces an unthinkable choice between the love of her life and life itself.

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 222
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Released: 24th of February 2015

Humanity is coming home.

Weeks after landing on Earth, the Hundred have managed to create a sense of order amidst their wild, chaotic surroundings. But their delicate balance comes crashing down with the arrival of new dropships from space.

These new arrivals are the lucky ones - back on the Colony, the oxygen is almost gone -but after making it safely to Earth, GLASS's luck seems to be running out. CLARKE leads a rescue party to the crash site, ready to treat the wounded, but she can't stop thinking about her parents who may still be alive. Meanwhile, WELLS struggles to maintain his authority despite the presence of the Vice Chancellor and his armed guards, and BELLAMY must decide whether to face or flee the crimes he thought he'd left behind.

It's time for the Hundred to come together and fight for the freedom they've found on Earth, or risk losing everything - and everyone - they love.

What I Have to Say 

I have to say, I feel that the TV series has improved, at least in plotline, over time, but the books? They are completely different. During the second book, the plotline goes in a completely different direction, so much so that the third book has pretty much nothing to do with the tv series except the original concept and some of the character names. 

As far as the plotlines go, I like both in different ways. I'm still loving the stuff with Glass, especially during these two books with her character changing and struggling. I also loved what happened in the third book with Rhodes and a certain plot point that seems to have been forgotten in the TV series. 

And I'm still loving all the background stuff about the characters. The fact that Clarke actually had medical training. The class system that they had on board the ship and the society that the 100 built on earth. I think the book focused a lot more on what the 100 had achieved and how the adults come and try to change it and take it back to the way things were on the ship than they did in the series. 

Honestly, if it's an either/ or? I would say go for the books. They are so much better. But I like both. 

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