Sunday, 12 April 2015

Happy UKYA day!

Since it's UKYA (young adult books written by UK authors) day, I thought I'd share a few UKYA books I've read recently which I've really enjoyed but haven't gotten around to posting a proper review of yet.

Jessica Cole: Model Spy Series by Sarah Sky 

I've read both of the books in this series now and I am absolutely in love with them. Jessica is an awesome character and is a strong character both in that she has a good personality and that she literally kicks ass. Both her modelling and her spying seem believable (as much as any other teen spy books do anyway) as she has family connections to both.

If you like spy books or anything with strong action-y heroines then this is a great series.

The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Okay so I know that everyone is going on about this book, but I wanted to add my own voice to the mix, because it really is an excellent book. It's great for showing the voice of Transgender. But if you want to know more about that go and read someone else's blog, because I only have a little bit of space here and I want to talk about the bullying in the blog. The portrayal of bullying in this book was so good that it made me angry. Because of how the teachers react to it. 

There are so many reasons to read this book. I may have to do a proper review of it later. 

A Dream of Lights by Kerry Drewery

This book shook me up. It is not a read for people who aren't looking for something a little dark, but for those who like books like that (like me!) it is a must read. It frightened me most because it read so much like a dystopia. Except it isn't a dystopia. It's a book about North Korea. And I think that is the most terrifying thing of all. 

There is also a lot of beautiful writing and an excellent plot. 

So there are some of the UKYA books I've really loved lately. What about you? Have you been reading UK authors lately? Feel free to post some of your favourites in the comments. 

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