Thursday, 28 January 2016

The November Criminals by Sam Munson

Synopsis (from Goodreads

Pages: 258
Publisher: Atom
Released: 5th of November 2015

For a high school senior, Addison Schacht has a lot of preoccupations. Like getting into college. Selling drugs to his classmates. His complicated relationship with his best friend (NOT his girlfriend) Digger. And he's just added another to the list: the murder of his classmate Kevin Broadus, and his own absurd, obsessive plan to investigate the death. When presented with an essay question on his application to the University of Chicago—What are your best and worst qualities?—Addison finds himself provoked into giving his final, unapologetic say about all of the above and more.

What I Have to Say 

This book wasn't really for me. It was a good story and I did like some of the philosophical musings that Addison went into, despite the fact that they were a little unnecessary. It was the voice, I think that I really liked. The educated feel of it, despite the way that he talked about things. Although, I don't normally like people who look down on people who aren't as educated as them, I just found it an easy voice to get into. It was easy to get into the character's head. 

It was one of those books that just went too far to be crass. It's like the author wants us to hate the character, which is fine... but in this case, what they were doing felt a bit obvious. 

If you like this kind of book, then that's okay, it just wasn't my kind of thing. 

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